Smile Gallery

I’m visiting from college, I’m only here for a couple weeks and don’t like my smile and bondings.

Before and after composite veneers in Stuart, FL

Thin conservative composite veneers were placed to enhance esthetics all in about two hours with no anesthetic required.

I don’t like my smile, bleaching doesn’t work and want something least invasive.

before and after veneers and a crown in our smile gallery in Stuart, FL

Thin veneers on the 6 anterior teeth and posterior crowns

I have trouble chewing and I don’t want dentures.

Dental implants and a permanent implant-supported denture in our smile gallery in Stuart, FL

Dental implants and a permanent implant-supported denture

My veneer chipped and I want something thinner, whiter, and more natural looking.

Conservative veneers were used to achieve color and shape changes to exceed expectations

My old bondings are staining and I don’t like the way my canine looks.

Before and after veneers on the front teeth in smile gallery in Stuart, FL

Thin, conservative veneers on the front anterior teeth with advanced color matching

I want to smile confidently again but not look fake.

This client had a lot of damage and misplaced/misshaped teeth. Using a digital mock up we created a temporary smile that the patient was able to “test drive” before we moved on to permanent restorations.

My teeth are discolored, cracked and wearing down.

This friendly fella had years of wear and bite issues that created progressively worsening functional and esthetic issues. After test driving a prototype smile we restored his confidence with restorations that look natural and even.

I don’t want my tooth to look fake or like it doesn’t belong.

Losing a front tooth can be one of the most traumatic events in a person’s life. In this case an implant and custom stained crown with advanced techniques created a seamless addition to her very unique smile to regain her confidence.

I drink a lot of coffee and I want my teeth whiter.

Coffee is a non-negotiable way of life for many of our clients. Our in-office whitening treatment is one of the only whitening treatments that is not harmful to teeth, minimizes sensitivity and produces some of the whitest results in as little as 2 hours.

I chipped my tooth!

This young lady had a little accident and we were able to bond her tooth and restore her smile without the need for any anesthetic.

My bite feels off, my teeth are chipping.

This friendly patient noticed shifting of her teeth over time that resulted in chipping of restorations, headaches and bite issues. A combination of thin crowns along with a special bite guard to be used at night created harmony and improved esthetics.

My missing tooth makes me feel unconfident when I smile.

Uneven spacing can create some challenges when replacing missing teeth. For this patient we were able to create a very natural replacement for her missing teeth.

I don’t like how small and dark my little side front tooth looks.

The way light reflects off teeth can make them appear dark and small. By simply replacing the old bonding material with a cosmetic bonding we were able to brighten up her smile and restore her confidence in less than an hour.

I know I should do something about my smile but I wait until something breaks.

before and after dental crowns on front teeth in Stuart, FL

Advanced color matching and anterior crowns

I hate the way old crown looks.

Advanced color matching, digital shade guide, and custom ceramic crown on single front tooth

I want to fix the spacing between my teeth and the darkness but I don’t want braces.

before and after crowns and veneers in our smile gallery Stuart, FL

Restoring function and confidence with Digital Smile Design, crowns, and veneers

My teeth are chipping, they don’t hurt, but know I need to do something and I don’t want braces.

before and after veneers and crowns in our smile gallery in Stuart, FL

Combination of a couple thin veneers and crowns

My son fell and broke his front tooth.

before and after color-matched tooth bonding in Stuart, FL

Conservative color-matched bonding

He dove into a pool and hit the side.

before and after color-matched tooth bonding in Stuart, FL

Color-matched bonding

My filling is loose and discolored, I don’t like the space between my teeth.

Before and after bonding on front teeth in our smile gallery in Stuart, FL

Advanced color-matched bonding

I don’t like to smile, but when I do I hate the way my teeth look.

Digital Smile Design, crowns, and bridges in our Smile Gallery in Stuart, FL

Digital Smile Design, crowns, and bridges

I fell and my teeth shifted and some broke.

before and after broken tooth restoration in our smile gallery in Stuart, FL

We restored her broken and shifted teeth with crowns, splinting and advanced color matching

I’m a happy guy but don’t like to smile because of my front tooth.

before and after ceramic crown with shade matching in Stuart, FL

Advanced digital shade matching and custom ceramic crown

I don’t like the color of my teeth.

A combination of thin porcelain veneers and crowns were used to erase years of erosion and wear